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Learn School Danish while living abroad

06.06.2017  10:52

The Danish summer holidays are approaching fast, but that means a new school year is right around the corner too.
For Danes and their families living outside of Denmark this might not make much of a difference, as many choose international and local schools where they are living. But just because a child grows up outside of Denmark, it doesn’t mean having to give up on learning Danish.

Danes Worldwide is a membership organization working on promoting the interests of Danes living abroad. One of the important causes is securing flexibility for global families. This means being able to move back to Denmark and reintegrate easily. But in order to do that smoothly the children in the family must read, write and speak Danish.

A way to ensure an adequate level is through the School Danish-programme offered by Danes Worldwide. The programme is supported by the Danish Ministry of Education and ensures a compatible level giving children of all ages the opportunity to continue their education in Denmark alongside other Danish children.
Other programmes are available too and have starting dates all year round. But Danes Worldwide recommend following the Danish school system’s calendar for the School Danish-programme.

Are you interested in learning more or signing your child up for the coming school year, you can find more info here.

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