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Denmark and Thailand collaborate to improve water resource management

05.09.2017  05:48

The Danish Embassy attended a seminar in Bangkok with the ambition of strengtening the scientific and technologic collaboration between Thailand and Denmark regarding Water Resource Management.

Due to Thailand's geography, the monsoon rain challenges the Thais who have to deal with flooding, water waste and difficulties in managing the coastal areas each year.

The Thai authorities, led by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute, have an ambitious agenda of improving the water conditions and secure development within Water Resource Management. Therefore, the seek out sustainable ideas in order to improve the current conditions and make the water management more efficient.

The two participating, Danish companies DHI and Danfoss can contribute with know-how of modern water technology and green tech solutions.

Specifically, DHI presented how advanced IT systems can be integrated to identify sustainable solutions concerning water infrastructure in the country and thereby reduce or avoid flooding. Meanwhile, Danfoss introduced The Nexus Approach which focuses on the interdependencies of the three systems: water, food and energy. To improve the water conditions, it is important to weigh in the two interconnected systems as well.

Click here to see photos from the seminar.

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