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A fee is paid upon submission of application and is non-refundable. Fees are liable to change without prior notice. When submitting an application for residence- and work permit you usually have to pay a fee to both the Danish Immigration Service and to the Embassy.

(1) To The Danish Immigration Service

On the 1st of January 2011 the Danish Immigration Service introduced fees for most applications for residence and work permits.

These fees must be paid online directly to the Danish Immigration Service prior to lodging the application with a Danish mission. For details on the individual application fees and how to pay please see here.

Explanation: This fee covers the Danish Immigration Service’s case processing of the application.

(2) To the Danish Embassy in Bangkok

From 1 July 2019, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark including all Danish diplomatic missions are introducing online payment of the embassy fee for residence or work permit.

The embassy fee should be paid online here.

Explanation: The fee covers the Embassy's involvement in the expedition and processing of the application and issuance of the visa-sticker if applicable.

Please note: The fees are non-refundable irrespective of the decision reached by the Danish Immigration Service. The fees will not be refunded if the application is unsuccessful.


(3) To the Visa Application Centre (VFS)

When you hand in your passport, relevant documentation and supply biometrics at the Visa Application Centre (VFS), it is important that you bring the receipt for the payment to the embassy. The embassy fee and the service fee to the Danish Visa Application Centre (VFS) must be paid in addition to the fee to The Danish Immigration Service.

Read more about the service fee to VFS here.