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Denmark and Thailand 160 years

19.04.2018  05:13


2018 marks 160 years of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Thailand. For the occasion, skilled graphic designers have created this beautiful logo to illustrate the close and strong relationship between our two nations.

In the logo, you will find the national bird of Denmark – the mute swan – and the national animal of Thailand – the elephant – closely intertwined in the colours of our countries; red, blue and white.

The mute swan was elected the national bird of Denmark by the Danes in 1984 but has a long history in the Danish narrative and is widely depicted by Danish authors, poets and artists. The swan was especially made famous by the renowned fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling from 1843.

The impressive national animal of Thailand – the elephant – has a long history culturally and is, in present day, a symbol of national pride. The magnificent animal is closely connected to the royal family and the Thai people throughout history. While a strong connection between elephants and people exists, approximately 3,500 wild elephants can still be found in Thailand.

Traditionally, the swan symbolises pride and glory, beauty and poetry and encapsulates both light and death. While the elephant is linked to the characteristics strength, durability, and longevity.

These two majestic animals only become greater and stronger when interlinked and connected. We are looking forward to celebrating the great and longstanding relations between the two Kingdoms of Denmark and Thailand.

Stay tuned for more information and stories of the celebrations both here on our website and on the Embassy's Facebook page.

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