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Green transition in focus

21.07.2017  10:05

Lately, a lot of activities have increased the focus on the Thai energy sector of the future.

A more sustainable energy consumption is a big part of the plan for Thailand 4.0 – and this in an area in which Denmark has a lot of experience.

Between Denmark and Thailand there has for long been a strong tradition of sharing knowledge and experience, previously in for example dairy farming, forestry and marine biology. And today the tradition carries on in the field of energy.

In May, a delegation led by the Thai Minister of Energy went to visit the Danish island Samsø. 100% of the electric energy consumption on Samsø comes from sustainable energy sources. During the visit, the delegation came to learn more of the Danish know-how and development in the energy sector.

In June the Nordic 4.0 seminar gave Nordic countries the chance to share their stories with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other key stake holders. On both occasions, Danish wind farming was in focus. Especially at the Nordic 4.0 seminar where also Danish Vestas got to share their story as a key player in the industry. Vestas who are works in the region also told why research and development is key. Because reaearch and development of technological breakthroughs wind energy is now a commercially viable energy source. The development also means ability to build turbines of great size and capacity – especially in off shore wind farms, where one turbine can have up to 9-megawatt capacity.

These are some of the reasons why wind power could be an important part of Thailand’s energy sector in the future.

On July 17, Ambassador Uffe Wolffhechel met with H.E. Minister of Energy, Anantaporn Kanchanarat. At the meeting, Ambassador Uffe Wolffhechel shared some of the Danish visions and projects for the future of green energy and sustainability. Another topic was the technical development of today. With Danish companies as frontrunners, wind farming at low to moderate wind speeds have become a feasible option as alternative to traditional energy. This means that wind power could become an important part of the energy mix for Thailand in future.

Today Thailand faces challenges such as power shortage and a need to upgrade power grids, but at the meeting both parties agreed that a change is coming, and that the Danish experiences – especially in wind power – could play an important role towards the goals of the Thailand 4.0.

“Thailand and Denmark have a century long tradition of sharing cutting edge technologies. The aim is to carry this tradition even further into the field of green energy and energy efficiency. This will benefit the environment, the economies as well as private companies in both countries,” says Ambassador Uffe Wolffhechel

You can see pictures from the meeting here

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