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Guitar playing and motorcycle driving ambassador, Mikael Hemniti Winther, is leaving Thailand

19.08.2016  06:10

The 19th of August 2016 is Mikael Winther’s last day at the Danish embassy in Thailand. He is leaving for Bangladesh, where new challenges are awaiting him. After almost six years as Danish ambassador to Thailand the embassy is painting a picture of a somewhat untraditional ambassador.

In 2011 Mikael Winther and his Thai wife, Ratanawadee, moved to Bangkok after having served as Danish ambassador to Iraq. Since then the ambassador has become known in Thailand as a man, who is everything but the traditional picture of a boring bureaucrat.

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Even before his arrival in Bangkok, Mikael had a tendency of turning prejudices upside-down; during his deployment in Vietnam he created the rock band The Deputies with other diplomats.

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The ambassador is highly respected in the diplomatic world, both as a member of the EU-circle, but also as a Dean for the diplomatic corps. As a couple he and his wife have creates numerous connections between Thais and Danes.

Furthermore, the ambassador has become particularly known for his direct approach with people, when he has engaged in different professional and social events such as ‘Jazz on Grazz’, which was a jazz event in the embassy’s garden, where he also performed, to charity events such as GO4 Charity Ride, where he and 12 other bikers rode from Bangkok, Thailand, to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in order to promote road safety.

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The ambassador will leave for Dhaka, where he will take over as Danish ambassador to Bangladesh.

Big and different challenges await the ambassador and we wish him good luck.

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