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Danish Export to Thailand in 2015

06.07.2016  11:40

(Published: 3rd March 2016)

Growth of exports from Denmark

With an increasing export of Danish products to Thailand of 15% percent in 2015, this coming trade year seems to move towards an even brighter future. The command for international and Danish goods is in continuous rise and the tendency is continuing. The increase happens despite the political situation in Thailand with the Junta rule that have had difficulties in creating economic growth in the country. In 2013 a free trade agreement between the EU and Thai-land was on the drafting board and negotiations were well under way – an agreement that would have made it much easier for Danish and Thai companies to trade with each other and even for Danish companies to establish and operate business in Thailand. The present political situation has, however, halted these negotiations that are foreseen to continue when democratic rule is once again established in Thailand.

”Obviously, things would’ve been easier if the situation in Thailand was different, however, we’re very pleased to see the positive export figures for 2015, not least the continuous up-rise the figures show. This once again shows that Danish companies are able to operate in most types of business environments. We hope Danish companies will keep up the goodpace – and we are here to assist them doing this” said Asbjørn Christiansen, head of trade at the Danish embassy in Bangkok.

2014 (DKK) 2015 (DKK) Change in %
Export 1,388,162,447.00 1,598,135,335.00 15,3 %
Source: Danmarks Statistik


Danish exports rise significant in three product lines – pharmaceutical products, technology and jewellery

Pharmaceutical products, machines/machine parts and materials for jewellery are the main categories where Danish export has taken a particular major step forward. Furthermore export figures tell us that Danish export of enzymes is doing well. Enzymes are used for a variety of different processes, both in the food industry as well as in chemical products such as washing powder. Enzymes have a catalytic effect, which means that they make different processes – both organic and chemically – work faster. Denmark is a clear World leader on Enzymes with Danish based companies covering approx. 80% of the World market.
Another product line that has really kicked off within the area of technology is export of machines and machine parts. Especially meat processing is also an increasing sector as well as machines for air purifying which have had a good rise in 2015 on the Thai market with a percentage rise of 118%.

2014 2015 Change i %
Mineral processing 16,194,579 22,976,332 41.88
(Machine parts)
Meat and poultry processing 1,787,961 10,879,986 508.51
(Machines and apparatuses)
Machines, apparatuses, and mechanical tools 5,385,629 9,936,270 84.5
Moulding of minerals 1,519,309 9,283,143 511.01
Air purifiers 3,926,910 8,564,917 118.11
(Machines and apparatuses)
Processing of food stuffs 6,770,220 8,220,358 21.42
(Machine parts)
Source: Danmarks Statistik

 Asbjørn Christiansen sums up: “It will be interesting to see how Danish export will perform in 2016. We’re eager to follow the development and naturally we’re aiming for higher goals in the future. I am certain that Thailand has the potential to grow the economy substantially in the years to come and Danish companies can offer many of the products, solutions and services required by the Thai government, companies and consumers”.

 For further information please visit The Trade Council page on this website