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Danish Honorary Consulate opens in Cambodia

01.11.2019  08:53

Danish Consulate in Cambodia

The 1st of November 2019 spells great news for Danes in need of consular assistance in Cambodia and Danish companies wanting to do business in Cambodia because today is the day, which marks the official opening of Denmark’s honorary consulate in Phnom Penh. Heading the consulate will be Mr. Kjeld M. Olsen newly appointed honorary consul by Her Majesty the Queen, Margrethe II of Denmark.


Honorary consul Kjeld M. Olsen says:

“I am equally proud and humbled by both the title and the assignments, and I very much look forward to getting started and helping out Danes who need consular assistance in Cambodia. As a business man, I also look forward to contributing to strengthening trade cooperation between Denmark and Cambodia”.


Kjeld M. Olsen has a long career with more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the car industry, and throughout his career Kjeld Olsen has worked in a number of different countries in the region. Today he lives in Phnom Penh, where he owns the companies Car4you and Danfilcarz. In the spring of 2017, Kjeld Olsen was one of the main forces behind the foundation "NordCham", the Nordic branch of EuroCham, which aims to promote Nordic companies in Cambodia.


Ambassador Uffe Wolffhechel is similarly pleased with the opening and sees it as great support to the Embassy in Bangkok when assisting Danes in Cambodia with consular matters. Furthermore, the Ambassador also sees the great opportunities a Danish honorary consulate can create for Danish companies in the country.

Ambassador Uffe Wolffhechel says:

It’s great news! With a Danish Consulate in Phnom Penh, we can now not only provide Danish-speaking consular assistance, we can also offer a much wider range of assistance to Danes in Cambodia. I believe Kjeld is well qualified for the role as consul, not least because of his deep and long-standing knowledge of the country, but also because of his business acumen and extensive network. I am sure that Kjeld will be capable of both assisting Danes in emergency situations and with more general consular matters whilst also providing support to the Trade Council to strengthen trade cooperation between Denmark and Cambodia. Me and the Embassy in Bangkok very much look forward to working with Kjeld”.


Honorary consul Mr. Kjeld M. Olsen

Contact information for The honorary consulate in Cambodia

The consulate is open for telephone inquiries Monday-Friday 8-10am, whereas personal inquiries are only by appointment.

Honorary consulates

In the organisational structure of the Danish Foreign Service, all Honorary Consulates are attached to an Embassy, which is the Consulate’s immediate reference point for support, guidance and instructions. The Honorary Consulate is an invaluable resource of the Embassy, which the Consulate assists in performing the duties and promoting the interests of the Danish Foreign Service in its area of jurisdiction.

The honorary consulates are managed by a honorary consul. The post is unpaid and the consul is not employed or posted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but appointed in his/her own capacity.