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Co-Financing of Joint Export Promotion Campaigns

The Trade Council co-finances joint export promotion campaigns for groups of minimum five Danish companies. The aim is to broaden the knowledge of the participating companies about market and business conditions and creating contacts to business and collaboration partners abroad.

Business and industrial organizations, as well as enterprises providing export consultancy services, can apply for funds co-financing a joint export promotion campaign on behalf of a group of minimum five Danish companies.

The Trade Council can co-finance up to 50 percent of the approved project costs. Though for preparation activities a maximum of DKK 200,000 and for delegation visits a maximum of DKK 350,000 can be co-financed.

Applications should be in the hands of the Trade Council within the announced deadlines.

The co-financed funds may be granted in the relation to the following three project modules:

Preparation module

Module elements may include:

  • Retrieval of market information
  • Plan the content of a joint export promotion campaign
  • Generate interest for the campaign among Danish companies

Implementation module

Module elements may include:

  • Joint activity, e.g. a seminar, an exhibition or similar event in the target market
  • Contact meetings with potential business partners and company visits
  • Joint promotional material
  • New and innovative export promotion activities

Delegation visits to Denmark

The module elements gives Danish companies the possibility of inviting new and potential customers from export markets to Denmark or to another location abroad where Danish business opportunities can be demonstrated successfully. Module elements may include:

  • Visits to demonstration plants
  • Participation in individual business meetings
  • Participation in business meetings
  • Participation in a seminar
  • Joint promotional material

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