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Below you will find information on the topic of entering marriage in Thailand and Denmark



Registration of marriage in Thailand can only be done at a district office (amphur) in order to be legally valid.


In order for a Danish citizen to be able to marry in Thailand, the Thai authorities require the Embassy to issue a certificate in English confirming various information about the person.

If the certificate is required in both English and Thai, an additional hourly fee will be charged.



For the Embassy to issue the certificate, the following documentation must be submitted:


  1. Marriage certificate from the Agency of Family Law.
  2. Documentation of income e.g. pension announcement or annual statement. If you are residing in Thailand and without a job, you can present your Thai bank book instead.
  3. Photo scan of the image side of your passport - The passport must be placed alone in the middle of the page
  4. Completed information form (find the form here)
  5. Photocopy of your future spouse's ID card or passport
  6.  Address in Thailand if you wish to have the certificate sent by registered mail
  7. Copy of receipt for payment of the embassy’s fee (+ any shipping fee if needed) (You can find the Embassy’s fee for attestation here)
  8. It is your responsibility to ensure what the local authorities accept as sufficient documentation.


You can order the certificate via post, E-boks or at the Embassy. It is mandatory to book an appointment at the Embassy beforehand. To book an appointment click here




The certificate from the Embassy must be legalised in the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you can marry at the local district office (Amphur). You can read more about legalisation of documents here.



Processing time

The Embassy's processing time is up to 10 days from when we receive the required documentation and payment.



You will find all relevant information on the main website of