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On this page you will find a list of the embassy's staff. You are always welcome to contact us pr. telephone +66 (0) 2 343 1100 or via e-mail:

Uffe Otto Wolffhechel
Ambassador to Thailand and Cambodia
Contact The Ambassador

Ratchani Prachongthanaset
Secratary to the Ambassador
Contact Ratchani

Camilla Munksgaard  
Trainee (Politics, Administration and Public Diplomacy)
Contact Camilla

Administrative section

Donruethai Dhanasundara
Senior Administrative and Finance Officer
Contact Donruethai

Phornthip Chiravinijnandh
Contact Phornthip

Gloria Patricia Nielsen
Contact Patricia

Narumon Posinsomwong
Administrative Officer
Contact Narumon

Pawat Roemwatthana
Driver and Liaison Officer
Contact Pawat

Surasak Sirisom
Driver for the Ambassador
Contact Surasak

Anucha Namwilai
Driver and Handyman
Contact Anucha

Consular Section

Birgit Sarah Kondrup-Palmqvist
Head of Section, Consular Affairs
Contact Birgit

Michael Madsen
Senior Consular Officer
Contact Michael

Sudarat Sansathian
Consular Officer
Contact Sudarat

Wasana Dedduangrum 
Consular Officer
Contact Wasana

Kruawan Kumkrong
Consular Officer
Contact Kruawan

Visa Section

Anette Rosenqvist
Attaché (Visa and Culture)
Head of Section, Visa
Contact Annette

Ea Laura Palmqvist
Contact Ea Laura

Panthita Kongsompong
Visa Officer
Contact Panthipa

Jatuporn Kimsuntorn
Visa Officer
Contact Jatuporn

Varani Josiassen
Visa Officer
Contact Varani 

Parisa Nontramedhakul
Visa Assistant
Contact Parisa 

Khemika Pholsataphorn
Visa Assistant
Contact Khemika

Thitarat P.  Wesolowski
Visa Assistant
Contact Thitarat

Sitthikorn Boonprasertdee
Visa Assistant
Contact Sitthikorn

Kasem Pepinit
Visa Assistant
Contact Kasem

Trade Department

Peter Sand
Counsellor (Trade),
Head of Section, Commercial Affairs
Contact Peter

Nippon Umaporn Mukdasathien

Senior Trade Advisor
Contact Nippon

Nantima Angkatavanich
Senior Trade Advisor
Contact Nantima

Phannaporn Churphant
Trade Advisor
Contact Phannaporn

Nongluk Thongchai
Junior Trade Advisor
Contact Nongluk

Jakob Banning Iversen 
Trainee (Trade and Economic Diplomacy)
Contact Jakob

Julie Hellum 
Trainee (Communication, Economic Diplomacy and Culture)
Contact Julie