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Legalisation of Danish Documents

When a Danish document is to be used abroad, it has to be legalised.

For further information about legalisation of Danish documents please click here.

When a Danish document is to be used for the Thai authorities, it is usually required that both the original and the English translation are legalised by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Embassy and afterwards by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, it is often required that the document is also translated into Thai. The usual procedure is that the Embassy stamps the translation, confirming it has been seen by the Embassy, after which the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs affixes a similar stamp.

Please note, however, that the Embassy reserves the right to refuse to stamp a translation from English to Thai, which is flawed. We therefore recommend that the translation is sent to the Embassy beforehand for checking (

For information on legalisation fee please click here.

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