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Danida Fellowship Centre

Danida Fellowship applications from Cambodia and Myanmar are processed by the Embassy in Bangkok. Applications can only be accepted from persons who are working for Danida funded projects/programmes, Danish NGOs (e.g. Danish Red Cross and DanChurchAid) or Danish companies.

The applicant can download the fellowship application form from the Danida Fellowship Centre’s website. Together with the application the applicant shall submit:

  • 1 copies of the picture page of the passport
  • 1 colours passport photographs (white background)
  • 1 copy of CV
  • A letter of approval from the applicant’s employer in home country
  • A proficiency test in English (IELTS or TOEFL) is required from all applicants, except those who have previously studied for a degree etc. in an English speaking country and 1 copy of the test result needs to be submitted together with the application form
  • 1 copy of the filled out Fellowship application form

Please note that applicants shall apply for a Schengen business visa if the duration of the fellowship course is three months or shorter. Please note that there are two exceptions to the checklist that are not necessary for Danida Fellows to submit:

  1. Confirmation of accommodation
  2. Applicant's bank statement

If the duration of the stay is longer than three months then you have to apply for a residence permit. The Dandia Fellowship Centre will send you the application for residence permit if necessary.


Applications must reach the Fellowship Centre in Denmark approximately 4½ months before commencement of a study programme (deadlines are listed on the website). They may otherwise be rejected due to lack of time for processing.

For more information please go to the Danida Fellowship Centre’s website.