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Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources Management (NRM) was based on a principle of sustainability balancing environmental, economic, and social issues. The Thai government emphasises the collaboration and partnership involving authorities, local communities, non-governmental organisations and other relevant actors in order to reach a higher degree of coexistence between mankind and nature. This implies a consideration of both the protection and re-establishment of the natural resources, and of the local communities’ use and need of resources.

Through its ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Thailand recognises the importance of natural resources for global, national, and local stability and productivity. As many depend on natural resources for their livelihood, the sustainable management is crucial.

The Thai-Danish environmental cooperation on NRM was specifically concentrated with forest resources, mainly in relation to protected areas. The subprojects were aimed at the protection of natural resources and biodiversity through sustainable use in accordance with the needs of local communities. The NRM activities tested and developed models for managing protected areas in collaboration with stakeholders. An approach taking outset in ecosystems and the involvement and participation of the local community and non-governmental organisations was successfully adopted by the Thai administration. The last subproject, Joint Management of Protected Areas (JOMPA), ended in September 2009.


Project Period

Approved Grant
Million DKK)

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden Oct 1999 – Dec 2005


Joint Management of Protected Areas Apr 2004 – Sep 2009


Joint Management of Protected Areas – Rehabilitation for Environmental Effects of the Tsunami Apr 2005 – Sep 2008


Strengthening of Farmers’ Integrated Pest Management in Pesticide Intensive Areas Jul 2001 – Sep 2006


Sustainable Agriculture for Environment Jan 2003 – Dec 2006


Implementation of the Ramsar Convention, Management and Protection of Wetland Areas Jul 2001 – Sep 2006


WEFCOM / Natural World Heritage Management Project Oct 2004 – Dec 2006


Support To Recoftc’s (Regional Community Forestry Training Centre) Thailand Collaborate Country Support Programme Jan 2003 – Dec 2008