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Partnership Facility Programme

The Partnership Facility Programme (PFP) was initiated in 1996 with the purpose of providing an opportunity for the active participation of the private sector in environmental activities. By building partnerships between Danish and East Asian companies it was the aim of the programme to reduce pollution and environmental pressure through transfer of know-how and technology in the area of environment and energy.

The focus of the programme was on sustainable energy, cleaner technology and production, reduction of emissions, waste management and environmental audit and management systems. But it should also be seen as a long-term way to reduce poverty through environmental improvements in the recipient countries. It was a demand that eligible partnerships between Thai and Danish companies were commercially viable, produced specific positive environmental gains and were built upon long-term and mutually binding cooperation. The support from Danida included contributions to matchmaking visits, feasibility studies, demonstration units and the implementation of projects.

In Thailand, projects under the PFP have been taking place since 2003. The programme was phased out in 2009. In general the projects have to some degree been successful commercially as well as in relation to environmental gains. However, one partnership was terminated prematurely because of difficulties in cooperation, lacking commitment and mismanagement in the company concerned. The long-term effect of the programme in Thailand is yet to be seen, but hopefully, the PFP will achieve its goal of transferring environmental know-how from Denmark to Thailand and thus contribute to ensure a higher degree of sustainability in Thai production in the future.


Cooperation Partners Project Period Approved Grant (mil. DKK) Links
Solar Photovoltaic Energy

OI Electric A/S / Cellenium Co., Ltd.

Jan 2003 -
Dec 2006


Wastewater Treatment Technology

Green Water Systems A/S / Sintorn Trading and Engineering Co., Ltd.

Jul 2003 -
Dec 2004


Waste Separation and Production of Fertilizer

DGE Group / Association of 3 Co., Ltd.

Feb 2005 - Nov 2007


Loss reduction in Electricity Distribution

Energi Danmark A/S / ATT Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Dec 2006 -
Dec 2009


Solar Powered Water Pumping and Rural Development

Grundfos management A/S / Solartron

Dec 2006 -
Mar 2009


Low Energy Housing

EnergiMidt A/S / Esbensen A/S / TG Building Systems Co. Ltd.

Apr 2007 -
Jul 2009


Biomass fired absorption chiller

KSM Stoker / Energy Maintenance Service Co.,Ltd.

Dec 2007 -
Dec 2009


Biological wastewater treatment systems

BioKube A/S / Tipco Foods / Thanomwongse Service Co.,Ltd.

Dec 2007 -
Dec 2009