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Sustainable Energy

Due to Thailand’s economic growth, there has been a rising demand for energy. Transportation requirements, ineffective industrial processes, and a high level of private energy consumption all contribute to such demand. In addition, insufficient national resources have created a dependency on expensive and imported fuels.

Danida had activities concerning sustainable energy in Thailand until 2007. The activities were based on the Danish knowledge of and experiences with energy saving, the development of renewable energy technology, and the management of energy systems. The aim of the projects was to support Thailand in the strive towards a more sustainable energy system.


Project Period

Approved Grant (Million DKK)

Support to Technical Service Cell for
Biomass-produced Electricity

May 2001 – May 2006


Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies

Apr. 2002 – Dec. 2006


Regional Energy Planning

Jun. 2005 – Jul. 2007