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Urban Environmental Management

The programme component concerning Urban Environmental Management covered the management of any environmental issues arising from human activities within urban settlements. The component aimed at strengthening the local capacity to deal with urban challenges such as solid waste management, air pollution, and wastewater. The overall objective was to address urban environmental issues in a decentralised decision making context and thereby improve people’s living conditions.
The below table listes the projects and grants under the Urban Environmental Management component.


Project Period

Approved Grant
Million DKK)

Community Organization Project on environment Jun 2005 – Oct 2009


Implementation of Capacity Development for the Wastewater Management Authority Jan 2003 – Nov 2006


Establishment of Regional Asian Institute for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Jan 2000 – Dec 2006


Thailand Cultural Environment Project May 2002 – Apr 2005


Port Waste Management in Thai Ports Jan 2005 – Nov 2008


Urban Community Environmental Activities – Rehabilitation for Environmental Effects of the Tsunami Feb 2005 – Apr 2007