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Food and Food Processing

Thailand is renowned around the world for incredible food, and Thais are known to be a food-appreciating people. Thailand is known as “Kitchen of the World” and is ranked 13th among global food exporters, with a value of roughly $27 billion per year. Approximately 10,000 food processing firms make use of the country’s good supply chain, abundant natural resources and large workforce.  In order to meet the international quality standard, Thailand is putting more investment in technology, food safety as well as R&D. Danish companies are known for producing advanced high quality food processing solutions, and together with a growing demand in Thailand, companies can realize a potential by taking part in exporting to and working with Thai food processing firms.


Food as an integral part of Thai culture combined with a curiosity for new and healthy products, create a potential for premium foods. Each year spending on consumer foods has grown by 7 per cent, with the fastest growth in the premium end of the market. The growth in the premium market is clear in two distinct subsectors; imported foods and organic, healthy and functional foods. In Thailand a curiosity for new tastes and foreign flavours has meant that especially chocolate, confectionary, fruit juices, biscuits and jams from western countries receive increasing attention.  Demand for sweet and savoury snacks in Thailand has continued to increase, and by 2018 the market is expected to reach US$1.25 billion. Increased demand from consumers for healthier snacks is being met by local production and import.


In addition, according to the Thai Board of Investment, Thailand sees great opportunities for investment in fertilizers, plant and animal breeding, manufacturing and preservation of foods as well as cold storage transportation. These sectors also represent some of Denmark’s key competencies and we see significant opportunities for export of knowledge, R&D and industrial machinery for this production.