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Why Thailand

Thailand is the second largest economy in ASEAN following Indonesia.


The Thai market has in recent decades seen growth and national key economic indicators continue to improve. Poverty rates have gone down, access to education and healthcare have increased, and there is a good potential for doing business in the country. Corporate income tax (CIT) has been reduced to 20%. Given the right circumstances, further reduction in CIT for at duration of up to 8 years can be obtained through official programmes for selected industries. 


Great handicrafts, good infrastructure and strategic location in South East Asia combined with low start-up costs and long term potential all make Thailand a market that’s worth considering. Though some political uncertainty, e.g. with regard to the promised return to democratic rule, cannot be denied, the overall picture is a profitable market with opportunities – especially in the sectors described below:


Design and Creative Industries

  • Design and creative industries an integral part of Thai culture
  • Upper-middle income economy offering a market for Danish products
  • Value of Danish exports to Thailand seeing rapid growth
  • Danish investors appreciate the workforce’s creativity

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Food and Food Processing

  • Vast food industry increasingly focusing on food safety
  • New consumer trends push R&D demands
  • Danish key competencies like high quality and safety, sustainability, creativity align with Thailand’s own focus areas

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Green Energy

  • Declining gas reserves drive the Thai renewable transition
  • Government roadmap for alternative energy sources leading to more focus on renewable energy.
  • Goal of 30% increase in energy efficiency
  • Biomass, solar and wind Feed-in-Tariffs accelerate the transition to renewable power

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  • More than 150,000 hospital beds
  • Universal healthcare coverage being developed
  • Focus on quality treatment
  • Growing medical tourism
  • Aging population

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