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Green Energy

With a declining natural gas reserve and a high dependency on traditional fossil fuels, Thailand is a promising country for development of green energy sources. During the next two decades the power consumption is expected to increase by 75%. According to officials in the Thai Ministry of Energy, the current domestic gas reserves could be depleted already within 2021, forcing the country to invest in alternative and renewable energy sources.


To combat this, the Thai government has developed an Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP) towards 2036. The AED-plan highlights areas which the Thai government wishes to promote during the coming two decades. Programmes to reach the ambitious goals have been established as well making it profitable for Danish companies to enter the market – a market with considerable requirements for Danish hardware, services and know-how.


With a track record for securing very energy efficient solutions, Denmark is able to assist Thailand in reaching their goal of improving energy efficiency by 30% within the next two decades. Special areas for improvement of energy efficiency in Thailand include more modern constructions, including with regard to cooling, clean transportation, efficient power plants, and improvement of industrial machinery.


The plan sets out goals for making biomass, solar and wind power the three biggest sources of renewable energy. Biomass is to account for 13% of the total energy consumption within two decades, solar 9% and wind 6%. To promote this, the Thai government has actively been stimulating these energy sources, and was the first ASEAN country to provide a Feed-in-Tariff (FiT). Reform with regard to aligning the supply of sustainable energy with the existing power grid is on the government’s agenda.


With the Thai government’s attention, Green energy, clean technologies and efficiency improvements are areas that are in great development in the coming years. Denmark and Danish companies are leading in developing and implementing such solutions, and therefore have great potential for export to and investment in Thailand.